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Government declared the year 2011 as Tourism Year in order to furthe r enhance the image of Nepal as a special destination for the visitors. To accomplish the program objectives, various organizations andagencies both within and outside the tourism industry, have come together hand in hand to formulate a strategy to make Visit Nepal 2011 , a success.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is known as a unique natural and cultural destination in the Tourism map of the world. The outstanding diversities of nature and culture existing here are second to none. The most exhilarating titles with which Nepal has been admired and praised by various renowned travel authors in recognition of her cultural richness, viz., Living cultural Museum, Shangri-la, Roof of the World, Birth place of the Apostle of Peace, Country of Living Goddess, City of Golden Pagodas & Parasols, Himalayan Pilgrimage, Wildest Dream of Kew, Melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism, A tiny Kingdom of thirty-six ethnic groups and seventy-five spoken languages, Birth place of Sita, Abode of Shiva, Land of non-stop festivals etc. are explicit and self-explanatory. They tell the world about our incomparable & prosperous culture heritage. This Calendar of Events & Activities only provides a glimpse of it. This calendar does not cover all the activities. This will be updates three months prior to the launch of Visit Nep

al 2011 programs.

Nepal not only will invite more visitors, but will strive to improve its infrastructure, address issues of environmental degradation and seek to have more quality visitors.Visitors such as you, who are sensitive to preserving the destination's natural and cultural heritage will pay the right price for right value.
Visit Nepal 2011 is the launching pad we have to achieve this objective. It is not just a year when Nepal will have festivities. We invite you to visit us and have new products on offer. It is our industry's combined resolve to work towards a process to ensure that we deliver quality in our products, excellence in service, fully involve all our citizens in tourism and obtain the most yield from it to benefit our

country, our people, our business partners and our visitors.

Lets welcome to Visit Nepal 2011/ Nepal tourism Year 2011. Make 2011 as your destination Nepal, Travel, Tours, Trek as well as many more activities In Nepal.

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Our Name has been changed

Saturday, Jan.04, 2014

Dear All, Our Company Name has been Changed to Hotel Norling Nepal Pvt. Ltd from Norling Guest House.

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Please check it out for outing in Kathmandu

Friday, Jul.04, 2014

Attraction and Landmarks Swayambhu A large stupa, highly revered in Nepal, and one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the country. It's a around 30 minute walk from Thamel, or take a taxi. Pay Rs

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